We made it!

What a great first year at big school we all had!

We had a busy last week that flew by. This is some of what we did:

The children spent some time with their new teacher, Miss Rickard. They played parachute games and had a fantastic time.

They wrote about their memories of being in Team GR and did some colouring-in.


They had fun outside being in a purple submarine, a blue submarine and one child became a snake!

They built with the magnetic shapes, role-played outside, fished in the water tray, completed puzzles and showed just how creative they are.

Thank you all so much for everything. Have an amazing summer holiday.

You are all going to have so much fun in Year 1!

See you in September, Miss Ragusa 🙂




Flying high!

In literacy, we spoke about what we did at the weekend and what we liked doing the most and explained why. We also wrote our own stories about transport.

In phonics, we practised reading and writing some key words and played bingo. The children took turns to come up to the front to write down the key words they wanted to have in the game.

We practised some of the events for sports day during PE on Tuesday. We hope you had lots of fun on Thursday at the big event!

On Wednesday afternoon, the children worked with Ms Littlejones and made flowers from different recycled materials. They spoke about why recycling is important for the environment and Miss Littlejones told me that she was very impressed with their knowledge and behaviour.

On Friday afternoon, we watched the Year 5 and Year 6 end of year show and we all thought it was fantastic!

This week, we decorated foam trains and planes and we made hot air balloons. The children also made their own creations on the art table, which included tickling devices and making dot art.


We did some word searches, challenged our friends in a dice rolling and colouring-in game and we practised our adding and subtracting.

We played with the Bee-Bots and computers.

We played with the magnetic shapes and made 3D shapes.

We dressed up and played board games.

We read outside.

We continued to play in our bus and then some children made their own bus!

The children made gliders and it was really lovely to see them work together and help each other to assemble them. We then went into the big playground to fly them!

Talking of flying…I cannot believe we have one week left at school! Myself, Mrs Freitas and Ms Brieussel are very much looking forward to having another fun week together filled with lots of laughter and smiles 🙂


This week, we started a new theme – Transport! 

We read the book ‘The naughty bus’, and looked at how the words were written on the page and we gave some ideas on why that might be the case. We also thought about where our own naughty buses might go! On Wednesday with Ms Barker, the children used story language to start writing their own stories about a boy who spoke to an alien on his walkie-talkie!

In phonics, we played buried treasure, practised our key words, wrote down some phase four words and practised writing sentences using our phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs.  

In RE, we learnt about different religions and places of worship. We also looked at all the different items and people we would find in a church. We then looked at a special person from the bible – Moses – and acted out the story of how he discovered the Ten Commandments.

In PE, we practised some of the games we will be playing on Sports day. These included: a relay race, hurdling and tunnel ball! Please remember to bring in PE kits as usual on Monday as we will have our PE lesson on Tuesday this week to get ready for sports day on Thursday; we hope to see many of you there cheering on Team GR!

This week the children wanted to choose what was put out on the tables each day.

One child came up with her own maths game using dice and number fans. 

In the Art area, the children asked to decorate unicorns, horses, keys, fairies and rainbows. To combat the heat, they made caps and fans. 

On the writing table the children wanted butterfly and love heart paper. 

The children chose to play with the cars and made their own tracks and ramps as well as using the game we had in class. 

The children also chose to use the beebots and made their own tracks using the wooden blocks and made up their own games.


In the water tray they wanted to have the pipes out and seemed to form their own school band! 

The magnetic shapes were also chosen, no surprises there 🙂 

Some of the children were playing the three little pigs and made houses out of straw, sticks and blocks. 

We also changed our role-play area into a bus! 

All aboard the bus to Vauxhall! Next stop…

Class assembly!

Last week was an especially busy week for Team GR as we were practising lots for our school assembly. I am sure you will agree that the children were all brilliant and it was evident that they had worked super hard; I was extremely proud of all of them.

In literacy, we read the book ‘Beegu’ and answered questions about how she felt at different points in the book. We spoke about how the people in the book were drawn; the adults had really sharp features and had no eyes, making them look unfriendly and angry, whereas, the children had eyes and were smiling, thus looking friendly and happy. We then wrote our own Beegu stories.


In our key word challenge this week, Line 2 read their words the fastest. Well done!

In phonics, we learnt some new sounds: ‘ou’ as in cloud, ‘ie’ as in tie, and ‘ue’ as in blue and rescue. We blended words and wrote sentences using words containing our new sounds.

In Maths, we practised our addition skills. We came up to the front and made our own number sentences.

This is some of what we did during our continuous provision:

We made collages of moons, planets and stars. We also designed our own aliens using a variety of materials. We painted pictures of space and we made spaceships and painted alien pebbles.

We added sparkly pebbles together, played with the alien adding machine and made rockets from shapes.


We picked up different shapes and types of paper using straws and transferred as many as we could into a space bowl!


We built with K’nex and glitter shapes.

We built boats in our space water; we worked really hard to think about the materials we needed to use to make our boats float.

We made props for our assembly.

We went on a bug hunt! Look at what we found!

We scooped out letters to make words and we wrote some sentences.

We also role-played teachers.


We made a yellow submarine and went on a voyage around the playground, singing the song beautifully, I might add!


We also helped to measure each other so we could make space helmets!

We made our own alien cafe and took orders from astronauts. That’s right – we had ASTRONAUTS in our classroom…and a few ALIENS too!






Aliens Aliens Aliens!

In literacy, we had some pictures of activities in each corner of the room. The children had to go to the activities they liked doing the most and explain why. Then they had to go to the activities they liked doing the least and explain their choices. We then wrote about an activity we liked doing. On Tuesday, we went over our key words. We worked in teams to see which line would be able to read the words the quickest. Well done to line four! I wonder who will be the fastest next week.

In phonics, we looked at a picture of a forest, we then had to write some sentences to describe the image. Next week, we will be learning some new digraphs; I wonder if you will be able to use them in your writing when you choose your learning.

In Maths, we practised our sharing, halving and doubling skills.


This is some of what we did during our continuous provision:

On the art table, we made repeating patterns inspired by the book ‘Aliens love wearing underpants.’ We also created our own aliens using a variety of materials. We painted aliens and planets using spiky balls. We made space books and we made stars with lolly sticks. As always, we came up with some of our own fantastic ideas.

We made patterns with peg boards and ordered birthday cards.


We sorted pictures of food into three categories, those we should eat lots of, food we should eat sometimes and then foods we should only eat a little bit of. We also spoke about the different ways we can stay healthy.

We built lots of cool things with K’nex this week.

We completed puzzles and played board games. It was lovely to see different children playing together and working well as a team. We also played with the animals and spoke about height and length.


Outside, we opened up some plastic eggs and had to answer the questions that were inside about our friends. We also had to follow some instructions. We spoke about the 3D shapes that were in our water tray and we scooped out the animals that fell in and spoke about the different sizes of them.

Some of us started to make some props for our show, and we will continue to make more this week!

We spoke about the different people who help us and we matched up items they might use in their jobs.


We made our own food in the junk modelling area.


We also had some fun with the links. The children made me a necklace to wear in the morning and then by the afternoon they wanted to make one that touched the floor, so they kept adding more and then checking to see if it was long enough! In the end, it definitely was.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Friday morning for our assembly 🙂





Outdoor learning

This week was our outdoor learning week with Miss Allinson.

We went into our Forest school area and looked for natural items to make numbers. Before we explored our own little woods, we discussed the different numbers and how some have curved parts and some straight parts and we brainstormed what we could use.

We also made bird feeders and hung them up in our playground – some children were excited the next day when they discovered that some of the seeds were missing.


We also found some mini-beasts in our forest school area, did some watering and made rockets out of sticks and branches.


In literacy, we read some poems about space and read and wrote down some rhyming words that would fit into the poems. We watched videos of my friend Stephanie in her rocket and on the moon. We then wrote about what our rockets would look like and what special buttons they would have.

In Phonics, we practised reading and writing two-syllable words. We focused on some digraphs and trigraphs that we are still finding tricky to apply in our writing.

In maths, we looked at more than and less than. We counted on and back to find three more or less than a number and wrote down the number sentences.

On Friday, we started practising for our school assembly. Miss Alfred came in to teach us some songs and dances. We also looked at some of our lines and went through them for the first time. I sent home the lines we looked at and there will be more to follow next week once we have covered them in class.  Please note that our next two PE sessions will be dedicated to assembly practice and our performance.

This is some of what we did during our continuous provision:

We used an art technique called ‘marbling’ to make some planets. We also used a variety of resources to come up with our own imaginative creations.

We weighed objects and spoke about which ones were lighter or heavier.


We bought shapes in our shape shop – this will be open for business next week so don’t forget to use your maths vocabulary of vertices, edges and faces to buy the 3D shapes and corners and sides for 2D shapes!


We made our own moon small world and described the texture and colours of the moon.

We made our own rockets.

We made musical instruments using straws.


We then played real musical instruments and sang songs together.

We looked at what happens when you add oil and water together. We shook our bottles really hard, but after a few minutes the oil kept floating back up to the top. This is because it is less dense (lighter) that water.

We also experimented with water and shapes and some of us made a water fountain!

We spoke about direction when playing with our bee-bots.

Have a lovely weekend!

All about space!

This week we started our new topic of Space and Transport.

In literacy, we learnt some facts about the sun and wrote down our favourite ones. On Tuesday, we read some facts about the sun and the moon. On Wednesday, we had a very special message from my friend Stephanie who told us she was going on a secret mission, using the clues she gave us, we wrote to her with our ideas on where she could be going. All will be revealed on Monday!

In phonics, we went back over our phase three sounds. Although we are good at recognising and reading them, we need a bit more practice writing them.

In maths, we looked at distance and time. We carried out a science experiment where we had to predict which balloon would travel the furthest. Then we marked on the floor where each balloon ended up and spoke about the distance between the two marks and how we could measure it.

For time, we looked at one minute, we used a sand timer and a big clock to show what one minute looked like, we spoke about the different things we could do in a minute and things that would take longer than a minute. We then carried out some one-minute challenges.


In RE, we spoke about special places. We shared our ideas on which places are special to us and how we feel when we go to them.

This week was Science week, so we tried to incorporate lots of science learning into our activities. On Tuesday afternoon, Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 were mixed and we all had different activities that we had to complete. In the Reception classroom, my group looked at floating and sinking. In Yr1, they made slime and in Yr2, they made volcanoes!

On Friday, we showed that water can walk! We started off by filling two cups of water to the top so that they were full, we then added blue food colouring to one cup and red to the other, we had one empty cup in between. We then placed a piece of kitchen roll into the coloured waters and made sure each piece went into the empty cup. We then watched as the water walked up the paper and dropped over into the middle cup! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we saw that a new colour was forming in the middle cup.

During our continuous provision this is some of what we did:

We made papier-mâché planets and painted suns using our hands and cling film. We also made planets and aliens using modelling clay.

We made shape aliens with geo boards and patterns using the peg boards. We also used magnetic numbers to write our own number sentences and we solved our own maths problems – making 3 lots of 5 mini-cups.

We built rockets and boats with our junk modelling. We built with magnetic shapes and we role-played with our rocket.

We wrote some letters to our friends and drew pictures and wrote about them.

We used pipe cleaners to see if we could make a person stand up and we built towers using mini cups and card.

We sorted pictures of food into groups, those we should eat a lot of and those we should only eat a little bit of.

We also spoke about activities we liked doing and why.

Next week is outdoor learning week for Team GR; Miss Allinson and I have planned some fun activities for you to do on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.